Life Update: Business is ruining my hiking

Holy Buckets of busy guys!

So, I know it has been a LONG time since I have seriously posted on here. My life just doesn’t want to stop. I used to feel like I had all the time in the world, I was never busy. Now that I am always busy, I keep thinking eventually I will have time, but it never happens.

The beginning of this year my boss had bought a small house she wanted to fix up as a rental and asked me if I would be interested in it. Though I would lose a lot of SQ FT, I would gain two gorgeous porches, a small yard and a two car garage. It would be less rent and since I am already working for her, she decided I would work the days I would need to make the money for rent, so I never actually have to take money out to pay her. I just show up three days a week and that is a day towards rent. Hot damn, yes!

. . .Some of you may not know I work at a local bookstore and I love it! It is only my boss and me working there and most of the time I work by myself, so I am in-charge of the store while she is gone. She trusts me with making decisions and ideas so that is another awesome part about working for her. My job is literally awesome and I’m always getting told by people that they want my job. Such a difference from retail. *GAG*

Anyways, so my boss, her husband, my husband and myself all worked very hard for three months to get this house ready. There are a couple more things to finish but it is beautiful. I never would have guessed it would have turned out so nice. Plus my awesome paint picking skills really make the place feel cozy. Oh, and my trim caulking skills are on point too! So. . .yeah.

We got all moved in. Everything fits like a glove, like this house was made for us. We are literally two minutes from downtown, the nicest place in this city and also where I work.

Besides being completely consumed by fixing the house, moving in, working and getting back into a routine, I did something crazy. . .I decided to add an Associate of Science, a minor in History and a minor in Philosophy to my Bachelor at Ohio University. Uh, yeah. I figure with my free electives and if I schedule my classes right, it will be easy enough. I mean I have never had a grade below B and I don’t do as much studying as I could. B is my I don’t really try grade. *knock on wood* Can’t be that hard. *crosses fingers*

Oh, besides that, I also very enthusiastically took a job with the marketing director of the college to write for the university. NO PRESSURE!

So beginning August 28th, I will be working towards two degrees and two minors, working at the bookstore and writing for the university. I probably should invest in a scuba tank for all the tasks I will be drowning in.

On top of all that, I also still do household errands and chores, take care of way too many animals, have a writer’s group I attend and still try to make time for family and friends. No wonder I feel like I never can get away, or hike or have a freaking vacation.

I will try to post more often, but no guarantees, especially this autumn. So yeah, wish me luck!

By the way, as busy as I am, I absolutely love what I am doing. Who else can say they manage a local bookstore, or write for an accredited university, or are achieving very large goals, or are well on the path of achieving their dreams? I am very lucky to have so many great opportunities come along and even luckier that I was wise and brave enough to take them. 🙂


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