Handwritten Letters


In the 21st century, we have forgotten the artistic and poetic ways of communication. Today, it is easier than ever to communicate with an individual. Within seconds, a message can be sent to someone thousands of miles away. Communication is no longer personal, no longer beautiful, no longer creatively enjoyable. Unfortunately, texts and emails have taken the skill out of proper speech and spelling. With autocorrect, one does not have to think about the correct way to spell a word. It is also much too easy to send a message full of anger or lust or slander without much thought to it in the heat of the moment. Taking the time to hand write a letter might cool off some regrettable words and emotions. Hand written letters are more personable and thoughtful than a quick message typed off within seconds; sent.

Growing up, I watched as letter writing became old fashioned and obsolete. After receiving a cell phone in my late teens, I stopped writing letters. Even so, I had always enjoyed getting letters from my friends in the mail and responding back to them. The smell of fresh ink on crisp-white paper; folding the paper ever so perfectly to fit the envelop like a glove; licking the stamp, the taste of glue on my tongue and the ever-present paranoia of a paper cut on my tongue; writing out the address on multiple envelops so that I get the spacing, style and spelling perfect. These are sweet memories that the generation after my own will never experience. I wish the days of handwritten letters would have lasted a big longer so that I would have had more time to polish this craft and develop a box full of paper memories.

Before modern technology, letter writing was the only means of communication and it was truly an art form that will be forever be etched in our history.  



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