Paymore Shoestore Fast-Forward: Vol. II

While the time I was gone from Paymore, I had heard many terrible things happening. One was that Bebe, who had worked for Paymore ten years, was a wonderful employee and person, quit. In my opinion, among others, it wasn’t her fault. Dolores had a vendetta against her because Bebe smarted off to her at a meeting. Bebe was known to be sassy so this was nothing new to anyone else, but good old Dolores never liked people with opinions, so she began doing shady things to Bebe. Always giving her unfair shifts, scheduling Bebe on days she requested off, giving Bebe a hard time all around. What finally pushed Bebe to quit was when she had requested a weekend off a full month in advance for a wedding. Of course, Dolores made up a phony excuse and scheduled her for those days. Bebe put in her two weeks notice, but ended up not working those days anyways, which I would have done the same. Kitty then took over the assistant manager position and was mostly happy with it. She deserved it, she was a great worker.

Around the time my Fall semester was ending I really needed money. It just happened thatgrinch.png one night, Kitty sent me a message to my phone saying how Kate missed me working there because all the other employees were terrible. I smiled similar to that of the Grinch. ‘You don’t know what you had until it’s gone!’


So, I told Kitty I would apply, but to let the managers know that when I start Spring semester I wouldn’t be able to work as much. She contacted Kate right away and by the next day, a Monday, Kate had talked to Dolores to get my paperwork started. Of course Dolores was far from happy about this. However she played it off nicely by saying such things to all the other employees, that she was giving me a second chance because she believed everyone deserved it; that if I got snotty with her even once I would be fired; that Kate was allowing her to make the decision whether I was to be hired back or not; (what she left out was she had that choice at HER store, if not I would be hired somewhere else because Kate wanted me back that much) and the overall saint-like kindness of her soul was allowing me to get my job back. Actually, if it wasn’t for Kitty praising my work ethic and personality and Kate making it a point I was to be hired back, I never would have got the job again.

I went in one day before officially being hired back, to smooth things over and play the game. She kept going on and on about the same stuff she was blabbering to all the other employees-Giving me a second chance, letting me be in the store even after that time I smarted off to her, how wonderful of a person she was for doing me this favor, blah blah blah. I felt like I had a felony for stealing major cash or merchandise from the store. I not only was getting annoyed by all this, but I could see right through her “big-bad manager” façade and I think that was a big reason why she disliked me.

After much too long waiting for Dolores to get my paperwork done, I finally started and on the first night, even after telling her I didn’t want to close by myself after months of not being there, she had me close the store. However she was kind enough not to leave me completely alone, instead I worked with a new hire who had never closed before. Thanks for the curtesy Dolores! Luckily, it all came back to me and I closed fine. In fact, being that it was right before Christmas and people were throwing out cash like virgins in a dance-club, I did everything outstandingly. I had sold items in great numbers, did my store tasks well, and never made a fuss-even when scheduled all night shifts and having to close every weekend night by myself. Kate was praising me to both Kitty and Dolores; and Dolores even told me she was impressed, that I was doing a great job. Oh, no kidding. Do I get a cookie!?

However, the petty drama, laziness and overall atrocious management was beginning to wear thin. The very week I started spring semester, Dolores started complaining to everyone about how I could only work the weekend. I told her before I was even re-hired a month before, I would only be working a few days once school started. Not only did I have college, but I would be working two days a week at a bookstore too. Which by the way, I had been doing the whole month I was making extra cash at Paymore. Sorry about her luckbadboss that I had college two days a week, the bookstore job two days a week, I wanted one day off for rest and homework, so that left two days for Paymore-on the WEEKEND! Kitty said Dolores’s complaining never made sense, considering she had previously complained that no one would work weekends, but I was volunteering for those days. Talk about wishy-washy.

That weekend after class I was scheduled to work a Saturday night with Bridgette. I thought that was great. The first time I worked and was not alone. I wouldn’t have to take lunch with me, I could go buy it and I would have someone to back me up in the store and to talk with. When I got there, Kitty said Bridgette wasn’t scheduled with me. It had been changed. WHAT!? Apparently, this change happened in the middle of the week, but the excuse I was told was that another employee at the sister-store called off sick and Dolores couldn’t cover it because she was helping a friend move. Um, yeah right! How convenient. So, because of this, Bridgette was scheduled at the other store leaving me alone, yet again on a weekend night. Well, I wasn’t having a good day and felt emotionally drained. Needless to say, I was livid and tired of the games that was always pulled and tired of the unfairness. I called over to the other store telling Bridgette she was to come over and work with me, Kelis-the Duresell Battery- was working there and would be fine closing by herself. There is a rule that no one could close at a road side store alone, but who follows the rules anyways? Bridgette was concerned about doing this without asking Dolores first, so I told Bridgette to call her, tell her that it was against policy and I would call HR. Ten minutes later the phone rang and I already knew that it was Dolores. The magic word of HR. There was a heated conversation between us; I told her this was against policy, she said it was not, but she didn’t know for sure because she never ran a mall store; I asked why Bridgette wasn’t scheduled with me, she said it was because she couldn’t cover it, but I asked why it was changed in the middle of the week, her response was there wasn’t enough payroll. I caught her on multiple lies and made them a point, which had her stammering at my questions. We hung up after I was told ‘I had to work alone!’ and I simply said ‘Okay.’ Because I knew at this point, HR would be called to double check that this working alone policy was correct. After all this time being told it was policy, I was then told by corporate that it was NOT the mall store’s policy. Oh nice!

A little later, after I had cooled down, and started searching for a new job, Dolores calls gossipback telling me Bridgette would be over. I said Not to worry about it, that I was having a bad day and over re-acted; I called corporate and it was not the mall’s policy but it was  for other stores. She sweetened up after that. Bridgette went home and Kelis and Dolores closed the road side store together in mutual agreement that I was a despicable employee.


After this, I was no longer on the schedule the following week. Oh what a great why to get back at me, don’t schedule me to work this slave labor. At first I was very upset because I needed that extra money, but at this point, bills were up to date and the extra money didn’t matter compared to the stress. Plus, I loved working at the bookstore. That night I decided to quit, but I would go out in a fiery explosion.boom

I went into the store after class one night to talk to Kitty. I ended up there for a good hour listening and ranting with Kitty about how the place was a mess and the management was bad. I decided I would leave a letter for them saying I quit. In that letter I wrote exactly the following, “This used to be a good place to work, but not anymore. The lying, falsification of information, back-stabbing, drama, pettiness, breaking codes of conduct and polices, and just the overall plethora of unprofessionalism is enough to make a person cringe. Plus, I can’t afford to miss a week’s paycheck because my manager has a high-school level vendetta against me. Needless to say, I quit!” I left the letter and my key in an envelope. So that Kitty would not get in trouble for talking to me or acknowledging my existence, we came up with a plan. She would close and throw the envelope through the gate so that it looked like I dropped it off in the morning before open. If asked, I would say that I was there before class, in the morning. She did get questioned about it, but never a repercussion. Dolores became very concerned about what was said on my letter and kept asking employees if they thought any of it was true. Kitty thought it was hilarious, but always told Dolores what she wanted to hear so that she would have her job. That letter, was infamous and I was free again from the life sucking clutches of Paymore.




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