Paymore Shoestore Fast-Forward: Vol. I

Today’s post I am fast-forwarding to the beginning of 2015 at Paymore Shoestore. I feel this story is something that needs to be told. Because of the length of this blog I will be posting it in sections.

It all started February 2015 when our manager at the time Tris, which I must say was super, told us our store would be transferred to a new district. That meant we would no longer be in the district with Kate and Tris, but instead the district in West Virginia. Yep, good ole corporate decided it would be a smart move to put us in a district with stores that resided all in W.V. expect one. Real smart!

We were pretty much dropped on our butt in this new district and since everyone was in West Virginia no one could or would help; except for that one Ohio store from Zanesville. Oh, did we get a winner there. Of course that manager was something to be desired. Like most of the Paymore managers she was lazy. She had a good hour or so drive to the store, but she would only stay at each store for about thirty minutes and leave again. Did she help us interview and hire new help, because we were short staffed? No! That wasn’t her job, she wasn’t our manager. That was for Tris to handle from the district we weren’t even in anymore. Makes sense right? She didn’t help with much else other than once she moved a sock wall. Bravo! I think my point has been made.

Now the new district manager was about the equivalent to pradathat of a drill sergeant and everything had to be ran a specific way; even if it made no sense for that particular store. But we were just a bunch of mediocre sales associates who knew nothing about how the real job worked inside the company. Something typical of the “big shots” at Paymore is that they had the same mannerism as a CEO would of a Prada shoe store. Let me tell you, we weren’t selling Prada. We weren’t even selling Prada’s dirty third inbred cousin twice removed.

That three months was pretty rough being short staffed; I was the interim manager, but did not have enough authority to get things that needed to be done, done; having lazy staff and having new management to “help out” who didn’t want to do anything for the store because apparently our old district was taking care of it, even though they were not either. We were pretty much stuck in-between a rock and a hard place, working almost non-stop and dealing with the stress of too many people wanting to manage, but no one wanting to do the work. By the time we found out we were going back to our old district, I was ready to quit. However, the hope was sparked in me because we were going back to Kate and Tris and all the people we knew and loved! We were all so excited to be back in Kate’s district. She would finally get us a manager after all these months and put things right. . .

Not long after being back into this district, we started hearing odd rumors about Kate, how badly she was handling things around the district and how she had become really strict about petty things. Well surely it can’t be that bad. She did seem pushier with us than she had been before. Giving us unrealistic selling goals and too many tasks for a short staff to get done in so little time. And she didn’t seem too concerned about getting us more help or a manager. I mean I was doing great and not getting paid even close to what a manager would.

The real shocker came when we found out that Tris, Paymore’s best manager, was. . .fired. What!? How can this be!? We were all told we were no longer allowed to contact Tris anymore, so it must have been really bad whatever happened. Obviously, Tris must have committed a felony or murdered a customer. I mean what else would have got her fired? Not only was she our best manager, but she was by the book and worked her rear-end off for the company and Kate.

Well, I didn’t care about what we were told to do-what I did and who I talked to outside of work was my own business-so I sent her a message asking what happened. It was all a puddle of donkey piss. Kate and her Paymore gang really screwed Tris over. Tris had worked her butt off for the company and then got fired over a mediocre mistake with the deposit. At first, we were all skeptical of the whole story from both ends, but after months of seeing good managers leave the company and the dirty stuff starting to occur, it all made sense. Kate had gone delusional and was getting rid of good employees. Not only were we all mad about Tris getting fired, but so were many other people from stores around the district. After this I had about enough. In fact, I told Kate I was quitting when she finally made a visit to the store. Of course, some of the reason I wanted to quit was because I knew I would always be expected to run the store as I had been doing and since I was getting ready to start college full time, I knew that wouldn’t work out. At first when I told her, she said she didn’t care, but then started to try to work deals out with me saying she didn’t want me to quit. So, she promised me a temporary raise, vacation time at the end of the month and a part time position when I came back so that I could concentrate on college.

The only thing that happened was the “Part-time” position. That was only a demotion in the system so I would no longer get benefits, but I was still pulling full time hours and basically running the store. However, I did get help from “Bebe” who was positioned at the mall store to cover my full time spot. I had always loved Bebe and she was always a great employee. I liked having her there. Even so, I quit Paymore at the end of June 2015 because I was pretty sick of how Kate was running everything and tired of getting paid $9 an hour for doing a manager’s job. I was feeling pretty taken advantage of.butthurt

After I quit, I would occasionally stop in to see some of the people I worked with. One day I stopped in to visit and get some holds I left. This was an Audit day and Greg would have been there earlier in the morning, but I had assumed he would be gone in the late afternoon. Walking up to the store, I seen him on the phone, so I figured I would make my visit fast before he came back inside. Greg was actually a pretty cool guy. I never had a problem with him and he was always nice; which made Dolores Umbridges’s later comments about him telling her that I was no longer allowed in the stores, very apparent lies. Not to mention he was only an auditor!

Walking into the store I was greeted by the new manager-Dolores. I asked if “Bebe” was working and Dolores told me she was in the bathroom. Without thinking I walked into the backroom to get my holds and say ‘Hi’ to Bebe when she came out. I left about a month or so before this incident on good terms, so I thought walking into backroom-with the door wide open- wouldn’t be an issue. Dolores came hissing in behind me and snapped at me for being in the backroom ‘Uh, just who are you!?’ ‘Sarah…I just quit in June.’ ‘Well you can’t be back here since you are no longer employed here!’ Oh those words “No longer employed here”.

Without saying much else other than ‘Oookay!’ I went out to the front again and waited for Bebe. When she came out I asked how the new manager was at her job. At the time, Bebe didn’t have much to say because she hadn’t worked with her very long. After a few minutes I left. . .seething. I am not sure why I was so mad at this woman I didn’t know, but I assume it was her overall attitude and mannerism towards me and just getting pushed around by Paymore and their customers for about two years. However, now that I am thinking of Harry Potter, I guess we all hated Dolores Umbridge because of her personality. Hmmm?


On the way home, I stewed about what happened. I had thought of a way to get revenge on this woman for being a complete booger-head. I called the store knowing she would pick up. ‘Thank you for calling Paymore.’ ‘Yes, I was just in there a little while ago to get my holds, but you can take them back up front because I will no longer be buying from your business again. It is pretty shitty when you lose customers because…’ ‘No what is shitty is…’ Dolores started to yell, but I kept talking politely. ‘…you have bad customer service. Thanks have a great day.’ *click*

I laughed about that all day and even now I still find it funny. What better way to get back at Dolores than insult her customer service. God forbid she has bad customer service! Later I found out through Kitty and Bebe she was pretty hot about it. But acted victimized by the whole thing. Maybe I should have played a violin for her?

That was my first confrontation with Dolores and not the last. At the time, I never would have guessed only a few months later I would be applying for my old job back.


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