Sweeter than Birdsong: Rosslyn Elliott


This review is long over-due. When I took my book reviewing hiatus I apparently forgot to finish up some book reviews and didn’t realize that until I signed back up to the reviewing companies I had originally belonged to.

So here is my mediocre review of a book that I haven’t picked up since first reading it a few years ago. My bad!

Being that I come from Ohio, I was already interested in this novel and while reading it I felt a connection to the story. I received the first book in the A Saddler’s Legacy series, even being autographed, and I have to admit I liked the first better than this one. I feel that Sweeter than Birdsong was sluggish is certain spots and I was only reading along to get to the good stuff. Even so, I greatly enjoyed reading this book. Kate Winter’s personally really connected with me and I enjoyed her personality through the story. The struggles through both her and the other characters were moving and I felt drawn to learn more about the subjects.

I would recommend A Saddler’s Legacy series to anyone looking for a good read.

I received this book through BookLook Bloggers and Thomas Nelson for my review.


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