Good+Simple: Hemsley and Hemsley


A lot of cookbooks have unrealistic goals on how to eat healthy. Not only are the ingredients hard to find, but most likely you will be broke when you leave the grocery store; not to mention the spare time that will be needed to put into this fancy meals. Good and Simple is a great cook book for those who are looking for something healthy, fast and wallet friendly.


I really enjoyed this cookbook and the recipes inside. Good and Simple is full of healthy foods, great cooking and well-being tips, and vivid photographs. The book is a hardcover copy and beautifully designed. However, I really dislike this new style of dust cover. I mean half a cover, really?

I am pretty impressed by the fact there is a whole chapter dedicated to desserts. A lot of healthy eating books exclude this chapter because of the sugar and such, but Good and Simple gives you ideas to eat a healthier dessert. No sugar rebound here!


I love the chapter about bone broth. I am really interested in making nutritious rich broth and this was a good start, with good recipe ideas. Now I just have to find a butcher and talk him into letting me have all his scrap bones. No big deal!


I really enjoyed Hemsley and Hemsley’s cookbook and I would highly suggest this cookbook to anyone who is looking for a colorful way to healthy eating and living.  



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