Home Cooked: Anya Fernald and Jessica Battilana


Now let my start by saying I love trying new foods and experimenting with unique ingredients. I even have myself a nice collection of books spanning from Spain to Rome, Mexico and back again. However, this cookbook was not what I was expecting and I assume that was probably why I wasn’t as fond of this as the others I have tried and reviewed. My expectations getting this cookbook was that of real homemade foods; while they were homemade, they were a bit different and seemed to be influenced by Italian cooking, which is perfectly fine but not what I was expecting. While I will eat just about anything I am not especially fond of organ meat and there was plenty of that in some of the recipes. Some I thought were especially odd; hard boiled eggs with anchovies, hearts, livers and gizzards with fancy sauces, spices and herbs; even jarred/canned salmon!? Hmm, yeah not so sure about this one.


Even though I am skeptical of the organ meat and the more unique recipes, there are a lot of dishes that sound great. I’m interested in trying out a few of these recipes; Asado Potatoes, Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Honey Nougat, Bright & Fresh Tomato Soup, and there are some others. Maybe I will leave the beef liver and heart recipes to someone more daring.

I have to admit the cook book itself is gorgeous. It is hardcover, engraved lettering and I love how the book is put together overall. The pictures are crisp and bold, evoking cooking inspiration. Though I am not sure about most of the recipes, I do find them interesting to read. I also like the fact the author seems very much involved in locally grown foods and farming which is something a lot of us tend to forget about. Where does our foods really come from?


Though I am not quite “there” with organ meats and some of the other more daring recipes, I would suggest this to someone who does have these flavors or their palate.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

Want more information about this cookbook? Click here.





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