The Indian Family Kitchen By: Anjali Pathak

9780804188265Yep, another recipe book. Maybe I will just change the title of my blog to Cookbooks and things.

You will have to forgive my lack of enthusiasm for this review tonight. I did greatly enjoy this cook book and thought it was pretty awesome, but I am not feeling my greatest due to what I ate for lunch and I am really wanting to snag a new-you guessed it-cookbook up for grabs on the Blogging for Books site. Also, I didn’t get any pictures up this time either because something is up with the computer and it is not letting me download anything to my blog right now. Really, this review doesn’t give this cook book the praise I feel it deserves.

Here goes my short and lame review…

This truly is a lovely cook book. A beautiful hard cover, crisp and clean pages. Colorful photos of her dishes. The overall quality and design is rather stunning and I love how she incorporates her family life into the pages so not only do we get her favorite dishes, but we get a glimpse of her own heritage and home. The recipes are great and there are wonderful details about spices and herbs, but I assume some are a bit American-ized. For example, there is a recipe for a ground beef hamburger…hmmm. Now I could be very wrong, but I didn’t think beef was authentic Indian cuisine.
Even so, I really did enjoy this cookbook and look forward to experimenting with her different recipes.


“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”



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