The Bee Friendly Garden: By Kate Frey and Gretchen LeBuhn


There are things in this world I really enjoy, like fruits and veggies, minty bee’s wax chap stick, honey; okay so I think you get the idea of where I am going with this. Where do those wonderful things come from?  Those little stinging, buzzing insects of course. How can I get those lovely little chaps to my own garden? From where else but this fantastic gardening book. Honestly, I thought I would mix it up a little considering I was stuck in this cook book phase.

Truthfully I really do enjoy gardening and have been trying my semi-green thumb at indoor plants and have become semi-successful at keeping the hardiest plants alive. However, there is nothing quite like outdoor gardening. I have had big vegetable gardens before and ate off of the produce for months. I have thrown some seeds in the dirt and watched as some lovely flowers were strangled out by my lack of weeding. I got this Bee Friendly gardening book because I was curious about bees and figured if I were going to plant some flowers they should be at least useful or else they will just end up used for supporting weeds. PicsArt_02-19-07.55.26

This book ranges on all kinds of topics. The first chapter goes over the bees themselves. From Indigenous to invasive species, a bees life cycles and even a small section on how to get children involved with these wonderful little guys. There are chapters on bee friendly flowers and edible plants, and how to attract bees and even hummingbirds to your garden. Towards the back there are some great resources on helping our wonder bees to better thrive and how to stabilize colonies. This book is not only about attracting these little troopers to your garden, but about helping them. All kidding aside, every one of us needs to be more responsible about taking care of the planet around us and helping all living creatures out, because we depend on them as much as they do us. Yes, I am a tree hugger and proud of it!


Now, moving onto the physical features of this book. I love them, but who wouldn’t love a big colorful book of flowers and bugs.  There is not as many pictures as I would like, but this is not a picture book. I hope to eventually have the space to make a large bee garden and even dabble in the art of bee keeping, which was what got me interested in this book to begin with. Until I can have my own bee garden maybe I will just plant a spot in someone else’s yard and hope they won’t notice.


“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

Want more info? Check out the book here.

Meet the authors over here.


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