Paymore Shoestore II

“Sarah, Sarah, you gotta come back here and look what just happened. You won’t believe it-I can’t believe it!” Ally came waddling/running out of the backroom to the front counter where I was ringing a customer out. Both the customer and myself looked over at Ally whom was half laughing and very urgent about me coming back to look at what just happened. I gave the customer and apologetic look while finishing up the transaction.

Walking to the backroom I was expecting something terrible. Did one of our ceiling tiles fall down again? It is leaking a waterfall all over the shoes stacked up far too close to the ceiling? Did a Yeti roll out of the fridge? What could have happened that the “assistant manager” needed little old me for!?

So when I got back to the bathroom I was surprised to see the sink was hanging off of the wall, spurting water out of the pipes. Not enough water to really cause a flooding problem, but enough that water was wetting the floor. “What happened?” I asked bemused. Ally wasn’t sure what happened other than she just went to wash her hands and it fell off the wall…Just-like-that. Right. The one thing I noticed about the people I worked with is they really must thought I was a pea brained moron to believe half the cow manure they told me. I am still not sure if I just come across as an idiot or they were just that full of-manure.

Anyways, I knew very well she didn’t just touch the sink, most likely she either sat on it or boosted herself off it up the ladder she kept in there to get herself closer to the vent so that she could blow her cigarette smoke into it. Because everyone knows blowing cigarette smoke into a bathroom vent eliminates all scent of it. Another theory is that she was leaning too hard on in while snorting a line of…uh…”powdered sugar.”

Oh yeah, she was a rock star. We all heard about how her and her high-school sweetheart husband had a wild life together. They did anything and everything until one fateful morning they just woke up with all these people in their house and decided this was no longer the life they wanted to live and just like that they were forever sober. Which may or may not be true, but because of all the “friends” that would come in and see her and help her “take out trash” and later, after she was fired, Effie and Tris found a small sandwich  bag of powdery white stuff (which I was sure was my bag of sugar I left for my tea a while before this, but it wasn’t) in a drawer in the backroom, something tells me that she still woke up with strange people in her house.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ally was a nice lady. She was considerate about other people’s physical pains and ailments. Like when I was doubled over in the backroom having REALLY bad stomach/side pains and she comes over to me, pats me on the back and says “I have Endometriosis, you’ll be fine.” Geeze, how thoughtful. Or when Effie-my future new best friend-would tell her about how bad her feet were hurting because some problems she was having with them, Ally would go onto tell her about how she slipped on a banana peel last week and fractured her pelvic bone and could no longer produce babies because of that and her endometriosis and the fact she had two uteruses. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the first day I was hired she told me all about her womanly issues with her double uterus and…other things. By the way, that example was just slightly exaggerated, it was more like ice she slipped on not a banana peel.

She was always punctual too. Like when she would leave all the time from work to “go on breaks” or “take the deposit to the bank” to make sure she wasn’t late for one of her drug deals or Buy, Sell, Trade sales. I even caught one of her Buy, Sell, Trade clients waiting “incognito” by the entrance to the store. Oh hey, what’s up?

But she was never that late though. I mean according to her timesheets she was never late, as long as we ignored the little letter underneath every day of the week that confirmed it had been changed. There was this one time I sent the timesheets through to corporate before Ally had a chance to “put in her benefit time” and she went completely off on me. I was just a dumb part timer. Oops! 😀

She always obeyed the rules. Like when we silly part timers didn’t abide by dress code she not only would let us know we were in the wrong, but she would go the manager Cheryl if we didn’t listen to her the first time. Don’t mind the fact that she always wore her yoga pants and matching hoodie. Just for a visual reference the only time she probably put her yoga gear to the test was when she bent over after dropping her Twinkie. Hot mama!

How about the other times she abided by the rules. Like the time I got chewed out for sitting on the counter when no customers were even in the store, ratted out by the old nosey “train” man. I might as well tell you about the train men while I am on topic. A miniature train station was set up right outside the entrance to Paymore and while the oldest man I was very fond of, the other ones not so much. Anyways, there were also times where other part timers got chewed out for petty things. However, she would lock herself in the dingy bathroom for 30+ minutes while she watched her soap operas on her phone and smoked with her head almost up the vent on the ladder. That’s the way to set a good example for us part timers.

She was very popular too. She had just as many visitors as Cheryl did and for a long time I wasn’t exactly sure what she was doing with them in the backroom or sometimes even shut in the bathroom, but the bathroom was usually saved for her husband or her one male best friend whom I had to break up awkwardly when it was time to close and I was yet key carrier. She came busting out of the bathroom in tears because she apparently was having a breakdown since all her male friends were “fighting” over her. Um okay. That was an often occurrence though-the breakdowns I mean. But I don’t blame her because as I said before, Paymore will do that to you over time.

Now that you have a good idea of her work ethics, I will go on to tell you how she was terminated.

It all happened that same day Kate and Justin came down unexpectedly to question all us little part timers about Cheryl. They had already talked to Ally and the assistant manager at the time “Barb” about Cheryl, but of course none of us little people knew about that. It was confidential.

So, Justin and I sat across from each other in the backroom and he started questioning me. He was pretty intimidating especially since I never saw this coming. I thought what did I do wrong? However when he started out with a few questions about Cheryl I relaxed and answered them honestly and the best that I knew. Then he asked is there anything you need to get off your chest that maybe is going on in this store? The little inner monster of mine giggled. Oh yes! So I completely spilled the beans on everything I knew was going on with Ally. From her bathroom smoking (which they already warned her to stop) to all her male visitors, suspicion of falsifying her timesheets, and more. We talked for a good hour and he seemed in shock by all I was telling him. Apparently what I said was the first time he was hearing anything of the like. I wrote down my statement and clocked out after hearing the words “I love you” from my district manager Kate whom was reading my statement. I felt proud, like I just did a good thing.

The next day she was fired along with Cheryl. Ally was sure Bridgett spilled everything about her and I let her think so because I was actually concerned she would slash my tires if she found out I did it. And Bridgett couldn’t drive so she was safe. Both Bridgett and I were the only people working at that store now since two were fired and Effie was at college, so we got to work two whole weeks without a day off. Yay!

Good bye Ally. It really wasn’t all that bad working with her. When she worked, she actually did it adequately. And we were always in for a great story about her exaggerated health problems, or her man drama lama, or her private pictures that she would accidently show us while looking for that “cabin get away” picture on her phone, or her tangents about how you were pretty much a worthless employee and a dumb a** kid. We would come to miss her much later at Paymore when the people that kept being hired were actually worse, but for different reasons.

That was a little tidbit of Ally and some of life right before my full time promotion. I will be getting into some more great stories in my next post. Like meeting Effie and all the new managers that cycled in and out of the store, plus the hunt for new employees.

Thanks for reading!



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