Super Foods Everyday: A review

Oh, super foods! How you make me feel like Wonder Woman. Okay, truth is maybe if I did eat all you edible super heroes I would feel more like that Amazonian lady. However, I don’t get around to actually being more healthy, but with this fancy new cookbook maybe that is just the motivation I need to start eating right again. After that last hamburger, of course.

Anyways, Super Foods Everyday by Sue Quinn is quite a lovely little guy. I am very impressed by the details put into the book and the pictures…Oh My! Those pictures.


Just look at those super foods!

The book starts out with an introduction to super foods and their benefits. Than a glossary and section on their vitamins. I love the illustrations in the introduction and glossary. She has those along with their vitamins and benefits. Oh Yum! Every page is set with a bright white background to better emphasize the colors of the illustrations and pictures of her food creations.

Moving on to the recipes. On the left page is the name of the dish, the servings, time, vitamins that it contains and finally ingredients.  A colorful before picture of  everything that goes into the dish is laid out artistically between the descriptions. On the right side is the potential benefits the dish provides, a stunning picture after it is prepared and at the bottom the instructions on how to make the dish. The whole book is laid out clean, crisp and creatively. The recipes look very much appealing and another thing I like about the recipes is they are made with simple ingredients. You can find them at any health food store and most groceries. I even found out I can grow some of the seeds if I had a giant field to produce my little one pound bag of crunchies.

This is a smaller book so if you have a hard time reading smaller print that maybe a bit of a challenge, but other than the size I think most whom enjoy simple clean cooking or would like to try it out would greatly benefit from these recipes. And did I mention how gorgeous the pictures are?



Thanks for reading!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.

Also, you guys need to check out links below!

Click here. to learn about the author Sue Quinn


And click here. to learn more about the cookbook.



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