Paymore Shoestore

So, I am working at this place we’ll call Paymore Shoestore and have been there over two years. I took a six month break for school, but when my husband and I got into a financial crisis I went back. My district manager apparently was happy to have me back, whereas the new manager was not. I kind of got snarky with her a month or so after I quit. Oops!

Any-who…I went back to this place with the new manager that is the twin of a much less sophisticated Dolores Umbridge. Harry Potter anyone?

Luckily, I no longer am working the hours I was before nor have the same responsibility making me care so much less about my job. I am there to make a paycheck.

Now, you might be wondering what kind of work ethic I have? Actually a fantastic one I might say, but let me take you on a little trip into the nasty world of Paymore Shoestore starting from the beginning…

June 2013, I just got my GED (which is another story altogether that I can touch on later) and I was excited to get out into the “real” workforce. I had a little job before, but I never called it a real job because I was working for family basically. So, after I got my Good Enough Diploma I run out to the mall and started throwing myself at anyone who was hiring and would take my application.

The first application I filled out was for Paymore Shoestore, the rest I don’t remember nor got a call back from. A couple weeks later I got a call while driving to go camping with family. This call was from a lady named “Ally.” Now Ally told me I had a job interview on so and so date and asked me if I was interested. Of course I was! This was great! I would love working in a shoe store right? I loved shoes. Well, I went to this interview and waited a good 30 minutes for her to show up. When she did she apologized for being late, she fell asleep in her car while on her break. Um, okay? The interview went very well and after waiting a month for them to schedule me I finally got the job.

Unfortunately, a week before I started my lovely husband and I weren’t getting along so well (mostly due to my new ego trip for getting my Good Enough Diploma) and separated. So, I moved back with my parents and started this new job.

Skipping through some irrelevant things I found out that my manager at the time “Cheryl” was nice, lenient and a complete loon. In her defense I imagine that 20+ years working for Paymore, plus having a mysterious and abusive (supposedly) husband and a child under the age of 10 that was obsessed with Chucky, would make a woman kind of different. She was very soft spoken, a little jumpy, a bit of a hypochondriac and a flaming nymphomaniac. Yep, that’s right! And she wasn’t at all ashamed to hide it. She would tell anyone who would or wouldn’t listen to her about her extravaganzas with men she would meet from online dating sites. If I only had a penny for every time a strange man would come into the store to meet Cheryl, I’d fill Miss Piggy bank. Not only that, but these man were frequent. Different men coming into the store to see her in as little as a week’s time. She would flaunt how many guys she would date (and other stuff including showing off pictures) over the course of seven days. Um…Soap anyone?

Besides the fact she was a loud and proud nympho there were many other lovely qualities about her. Such as she would call off multiple times a week because of some weird disease she got or because her diabetes was acting up after her binge on a whole bag of SweetTarts. Or after a blizzard make me drive 12 miles into work because her nor anyone else of reasonably distance apparently could make it to the store. My life matters little to these Paymore people. Now back to the health problems. I would not take someone’s health lightly, but after as many terrible things that have happened to Cheryl she should have been dead by now, not to mention these awful health attacks always seemed to correspond on large work days such as, shipment day or store meetings. Hmm…Oh well, she had a nice personality.

Eventually, our district manager at that time, mysteriously “No longer worked for the company” and we got us a brand spankin new manager. Her name is “Kate” and Kate came in like a storm. Poor Cheryl didn’t see it coming. Until the day “Justin” of Loss Prevention came down (because apparently there was suspicion that Cheryl was stealing, which she was) with Kate and questioned all of us about Cheryl and even Ally (which I will get into that story on my next post). One of the other employees “Bridgett”, whom was strictly told NOT to tell anyone anything especially Cheryl, told Cheryl something was going on since Justin and Kate came down questioning us all. Whew, hopefully that made sense. Starting to sound like high school again.

I had planned a road trip three hours north of myself to go see some online friends of mine that I had been planning to see for a long time. I was packed and ready, map drawn out and lying beside my bed on the coffee table ready to go. But that fateful night before the trip was the night Cheryl caught on thanks for “Bridgett’s” big mouth. And while I was at work trying to speed through the night quickly and get out of there before I was asked to work those three days I had planned my trip around, Cheryl started frantically calling me asking questions about what was going on. Of course I was forbidden to tell her anything and I told her I couldn’t say what was going on, which only fueled the fire. Calling me three times in just an hour and drilling me for information, I finally called Kate which put a stopped to Cheryl’s harassment. And like I had guessed Kate asked me to work those next few days because it would be to the benefit of the company and better in the long run. I was naïve at the time and out to prove my worth to the company so I agreed, canceling my plans to see my friends-which I wish that I didn’t do.

Well, the next day Cheryl was fired, along with Ally. Oh what a joyous day it was for us little sillies at Paymore Shoestore. We talked about what happened among each other for weeks and picked up the extra work with pride knowing that this day was a day of unity between us. There now became a spot open for a full timer which meant more hours and more pay…oh, and more responsibilities. I worked my little behind off for that position (which as of present it is easily giving out to anyone who kisses enough rear end) and I got that full time spot. Congrats to me for my little accomplishment. After my shiny new promotion things got better with management for about nine months. Even though I still got frustrated with customers, the job itself was pleasant. Until the day myself and the assistant manager were sat down and told some horrible news that changed everything afterwards…

Well, that was only a speck of the stuff that happened those first eight months at Paymore. I haven’t even touched on life after my pretty new promotion or on the customers and those fantastic race of humans. I will get into that more next time too. For now, I think I will start out with Cheryl and let you gnaw on that for a while.

I hope you enjoyed this true story of mine. I can’t wait to introduce you to some of my other characters including, but not limited to, the drug dealer/hypochondriac “Ally”, the trannie “Maybelline”, the best friend “Effie”, the dirty one “Bridgett”, the best manager “Tris”, the cool new girl “Kitty”, the evil new manager “Dolores Umbridge” and the Duracell battery “Kelis.”


The names of both characters and the store were change due to the fact I don’t wanna get sued. 😀


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